Thursday, May 23 at 2PM EDT

Seasonal Success with Weather-Driven Retail Strategies

Join us for a webinar designed to equip retail professionals with actionable strategies for navigating the unpredictable terrain of weather-based demand volatility.

Webinar Speakers (4)
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Amy Wolf
Planning and Allocation Manager at Invent Analytics

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Evan Gold
EVP, Global Partnerships & Alliances at Planalytics

Understanding customer desires and timing is crucial in the retail industry. However, one of the primary challenges of forecasting is the unpredictable nature of weather and how its fluctuations significantly influence consumer behavior. From heatwaves boosting sales of summer essentials to unexpected cold snaps escalating the need for warm apparel, these variations can disrupt even the most carefully crafted inventory strategies.

Explore the intersection of retail inventory optimization and predictive demand analytics in an exclusive webinar hosted by Invent Analytics and Planalytics. The event will feature strategies for enhancing supply chain operations and inventory management through expert insights into weather-driven analytics. Join us to gain a deeper understanding of the specific challenges supply chain and planning teams face due to weather’s influence on consumer behavior patterns. 

Why Attend?

- Gain insights into the role of weather in demand forecasting.

- Learn strategies to adapt to weather-based demand volatility effectively.

- Discover how to leverage advanced analytics and machine learning for more accurate forecasts.

- Explore real-world examples and best practices from industry experts.

Ready to take action?

Find out how we can help you navigate weather-based demand volatility by incorporating weather data into your forecasting more effectively, speak to one of our retail experts today.

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