Pre-Season Planning: Why Successful Inventory Optimization is Vital in Fashion Retail

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How to allocate inventory investment dollars in a more profitable way.

Financial-profit-based optimization is the key to opening new doors to increased efficiency and profits. It allows retailers to have a betting strategy that can increase their chances of winning in the game of demand uncertainty.

By prioritizing and mastering allocation, size optimization, and assortment optimization, retailers can become more flexible, maximize profitability, and grow their businesses in the seasons to come

It is not easy to know exactly what products will sell in the next fashion season, but it is possible to allocate inventory investment dollars in a more profitable way.

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At Invent Analytics, we help retailers profit-optimize their supply chain planning and deliver significant financial improvement with our AI-powered, omni-channel inventory and price optimization solutions. By making every inventory decision based on highly accurate granular forecasts, we help them to optimize inventory and maximize profitability.


How We've Helped Our Clients

Take a look at some of our case studies and find out how we are empowering retailers to profit-optimize their inventory planning with our AI-powered solutions.

Fiba Retail Group Accelerates Its Demand Forecasting and Inventory Planning Capabilities for GAP and Marks & Spencer
A Leading Multi-Brand Department Store, Boyner, Increases Sales by 4.8% with Invent Analytics

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