Invent Analytics and Microsoft

AI-Powered Retail Planning

Make every inventory decision to maximize profitability based on highly accurate granular forecasts.

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Invent Analytics & Microsoft: Better Together

Our partnership with Microsoft allows us to offer our clients the latest innovations in secure, reliable, and scalable cloud computing services.  

Leveraging Microsoft Azure — a leading cloud technology, we provide comprehensive and customizable solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients.  This partnership empowers our company to gain flexibility and achieve global scale.

AI-Powered Retail Planning Solutions

Measurable Profit Improvement

Financially Optimized Inventory Planning

Upgrading inventory decisions to a financial optimization-driven process to create measurable profit impact.

Omni-Aware Tailor-Fit Solutions

Uniquely crafted planning solutions to meet every retailer’s omni-channel needs.

Continuous Innovation & True Partnership Model

Improving system performance every day. Deep customization -all change requests at no cost, forever.

A/B Test to Prove Financial Profit Improvement

Proven ROI with pre-go-live simulations and rigorous A/B testing.

Fast Implementation with Minimal Investment

Zero capital investment. Pay-as-you-go subscription model.Speed to value.

End-to-end Omni-Channel Retail Optimization

Empowering retailers to solve omni-channel retail challenges and maximize profitability.

Leading Retailers Trust Us to Drive Results

Take a look at some of our case studies and find out how we are empowering retailers to profit-optimize their inventory planning with our AI-powered solutions.

Iconic Fashion Retailer, Mavi, Achieves 9.6% Revenue Growth with Invent Analytics

Mavi, a leading premium denim brand with a global presence in 33 countries, needed superior inventory and markdown optimization capabilities to increase availability, have flexible allocation management and efficient inventory visibility.

By implementing Invent Analytics' AI-powered solutions, including Allocation Optimization, Replenishment Optimization, Transfer Optimization, and Markdown Optimization, Mavi achieved superior inventory visibility, increased availability, and reduced lost sales. As a result, the fashion retailer maximized profitability and achieved its goal of increasing gross margin and sell-through.

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Migros -a Top 50 Grocery Retailer Worldwide- reduces inventory days by 11% and increases availability by 1.7%

Migros, a top-50 grocery retailer with over 2000 stores and $4 billion in annual revenue, partnered with Invent Analytics to improve their inventory operations. After successful A/B testing in 200 stores, Migros implemented Invent Analytics' AI-Powered solutions, including Demand Forecasting, Store Replenishment, and DC Replenishment, across their 11 warehouses and 2000 stores.

With a reputation for superior customer service and a wide product selection, Migros' hypermarkets and convenience stores are the preferred shopping destination for millions of customers daily.

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